A 2-in-1 standard calculator with e-writer Notepad – a must have item for your desktop at school, office or home! Whether you are working in your kitchen or basement, studying at home, attending classes or working in your office, this 2-in-1 calculator plus notepad will be your best friend! .

Do you ever get frustrated when you are using a calculator to solve a math problem for school or work, or doing your monthly budget at home, and there is no paper around to jot down some extra numbers? Well, kiss your frustrations goodbye, because here comes the perfect utility tool for everyone at work and home. Whether you are a student, a teacher, an office administrator, a construction worker, a banker. a cashier, a manager, or a scientist, this 2-in-1 wonder will be your best friend. .

2-in-1 Function:

Comes with a standard calculator and an LCD writing pad.

Paper-like Writing:

Extremely paper-like writing experience, you'll never miss paper again.

Standard Scientific function:

comes with 29 buttons including basic mathematical functions.


At 6 inch x 3.3 inches, 105g, The SD-600 fits easily into your pocket and easy to carry anywhere.

Magnetic Flip Closure:

The magnetic flip closure system makes it easy to open with ease, and minimizes use of space when closed.

Energy Efficient:

Capable of continuous usage without any break.

Zero Eye Strain:

Unlike other backlit screens used on computer monitors, tablets, or phones, the BeaverPad®'s screen does not require any front or back lights - this allows you to use the BeaverPad® for long hours without any digital eye strains.

Countless Supply of Pages:

The Erase Button gives you up to 100,000 new blank pages. Now you can become truly free from paper, pens or chalks, and save lots of Trees!

Included in the Package:

1 x Writing Pad with Standard Calculator

1 x Stylus Pen (Attached to Tablet)

2 x Batteries (Installed)

1 x English User Manual

Item BeaverPad LCD Writing Pad with Standard Calculator
Model SD550
Material ABS Plastic
Colour Black, Blue, Red, White
First Released 2021
Measurements (Combined)
Length 16.0 cm (6.4 inches)
Width 7.7 cm (3.0 pulgadas)
Height 1.0 cm (0.4 inches)
Weight 110.0 g
Measurements (Calculator)
Length 16.0 cm (6.4 inches)
Width 7.7 cm (3.0 inches)
Height 0.5 cm (0.2 inches)
Measurements (Tablet/ Board)
Length 16.0 cm (6.4 inches)
Width 7.7 cm (3.0 inches)
Height 0.5 cm (0.2 inches)
Display (Tablet/ Board)
Screen Colour Black
Screen Size 14.0 cm (5.5 Inches)
Screen Type Flexible shatterproof plastic LCD
Writing/ Line Colour Green
Writing Technology
Induction Method Electromagnetism
Pen Function Method Forced induction
Writing Strength 150g to 300g
Bluetooth No
Wi-Fi No
Charging Not required (battery operated)
Android Devices No
iOS Devices No
macOS Computers No
Windows Computers No
Internal Memory (Tablet) No
Physical Buttons (Tablet/ Board)
Total Buttons/Switches 1
Save No
Power No (always stays on)
Erase Yes
Reset No
Lock No
Battery (Tablet)
Battery Model CR1220 Button Cell (Included)
Removability Removable
Battery Capacity 37mAh
Total Usage 10,000 to 25,000 Pages
Battery (Calculator)
Battery Model LR1120 (included)
Removability Yes
Battery Capacity 45 mAh
Calculator Features
Screen Size 6.6 cm (2.6 inches)
Screen Colour Black (Text) , Light Green (Background)
Display Colour Black and White
Total Digits 12
Total Buttons 29

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BeaverPad® 5.5" LCD Writing Pad (eWriter) with Standard Calculator

Quick Erase, Standard Calculator, Replaceable Battery

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