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The BeaverPad® BP-1000 is covered with a 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty that includes free parts replacements and repair services or a full replacement as applicable. The customer will not be charged for repair services or any parts replaced but the shipping cost is to be covered by the customer.

Warranty protects our customers only from manufacturing defects; no artificial damage is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
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Dispatched within 2 working days of payment clearance


Item Location:

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

What is the function of the BeaverPad®?

The BeaverPad® functions as an electronic notepad that replaces physical pen and paper, and also functions as an input device when connected to a Windows or Mac computer as a graphics tablet.

Does the BeaverPad® work like a tablet computer?

No, BeaverPad® is an LCD writing pad/ Graphics Tablet, and should not to be confused with Android or iOS tablet computers such as the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, or e-ink tablets or e-book readers such as the Amazon Kindle.

Does the BeaverPad® have an operating system?

No, BeaverPad® is an LCD writing pad/ Graphics Tablet; it does not have its own operating system like a tablet computer.

Does the BeaverPad® screen turn on/ light up?

The BeaverPad® is designed to replicate the experience of writing on real paper, and protect your eyes from stain and fatigue. Therefore, its screen does not turn on or light up like a tablet computer.

Does the BeaverPad® have partial erase?

No, the BeaverPad® does not erase your writing/drawing partially. It is designed to function as a pen and paper, and not a pencil with an eraser.

How can I transfer my files saved inside the BeaverPad® to other devices?

You can transfer your saved files by connecting the BeaverPad® to an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth using the eDraw app, the app will facilitate the transfer and save your work as .PNG image files on your phone.

Can I transfer my saved files to my phone?

Yes, your files saved inside the BeaverPad® can easily be transferred to an Android or iOS device (such as, Iphone, Ipad, Samsung Galaxy tab, Google Pixel, etc.) via Bluetooth using the eDraw app.

Can I transfer my saved files to my computer?

No, you can only transfer your files to Android or iOS devices using the eDraw app via Bluetooth. The edraw app does not support Windows or macOS computers.

Can my files saved inside the BeaverPad® be accessed and reused within the BeaverPad®?

No, BeaverPad® does not have its own Operating System, so you cannot access or browse your saved files within the BeaverPad®, but once transferred or synchronized with your phone, the eDraw app will allow you to access, organize, and navigate through your files with ease. Please watch the videos in the product description to learn more and feel free to contact us if you need any help.

How can I use the BeaverPad® with my computer?

You can use the BeaverPad® as a graphics tablet by connecting it to your computer via USB cable. This will allow you to use the BeaverPad® with your Windows or macOS computer as a graphics tablet.

  The eDraw App

The eDraw app is required to connect the BeaverPad® to an Android or iOS device and use it for offline saving/ file transfer and synchronization.


Download instructions:



Download instructions:
  • Go to Apple App Store and search for 'eDraw'
  • Or, scan the following code:



 Driver Software

Although the BeaverPad® works with a computer as plug and play input device / graphics tablet without any drivers, the driver software is needed to customize the input buttons of the BeaverPad® and the Stylus Pen. To download the software, use the links below.


             Driver software for Windows


             Driver software for macOS (Apple)


A powerful 10 inch electronic notepad that lets you Write, Erase, Rewrite, Save, Sync, and Share within the tip of your finger. A 2-in-1 wonder that works as an LCD e-writer pad as well as a graphics tablet when connected to a computer. The BeaverPad® LCD Writing Tablet comes with its own dedicated stylus pen with special tips that allows users to write on the pressure sensitive flexible screen of the tablet using a special multi-pressure writing technology - resulting in a very paper-like writing experience for the users.

Multi-functional & Versatile:

The BeaverPad® is packed with special features despite its Highly-Affordable Price.


At 10 inch x 6.3 inches, 310g, The BeaverPad® is very easy to carry.

Built-in Memory:

Store hundreds of files inside the device's memory.

Save Offline:

The built-in memory and the save button will let you save your work within the tablet off-line without any connection to other devices.


Transfer your saved work from the Beaverpad® to other devices at your own convenience.

Battery-Free Pen:

The battery-free stylus pen gives you unlimited hours of use without needing to recharge the pen.

Live Synchronization:

Sync from your BeaverPad® to your other devices in real time.

Energy Efficient:

Capable of 50 hours of continuous usage with one charge.

Paper-like Writing:

Extremely paper-like writing experience, you'll never miss paper again.

Graphics Tablet:

Connects to your computer to be used as a graphics tablet for annotations or drawings.

Perfect Palm Rejection:

100% perfect palm rejection, it will only registers pressure from a pen or other pointed objects, with zero marks left by your palm while writing.

Zero Eye Strain:

Unlike other backlit screens used on computer monitors, tablets, or phones, the BeaverPad®'s screen does not require any front or back lights - this allows you to use the BeaverPad® for long hours without any digital eye strains.


The BeaverPad® uses its own app for android or iOS device, and works with any Windows or Mac applications that supports free hand drawing, e.g. Photoshop, Word, Gimp, MS Paint.

Countless Supply of Pages:

The Erase Button gives you up to 100,000 new blank pages. Now you can go truly Paperless and save lots of Trees!

Included in the Package:

1 x Tablet (BeaverPad® Electronic NotePad and Graphics Tablet)

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Stylus Pen

3 x Replacement tips

1 x Replacement toolkit

1 x User Manual

If you are ordering from Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, or Oceania, please order from our Global Store.

Item BeaverPad LCD Writing Pad and Graphics Tablet
Material Plastic
Colour Grey/Black, Gold, and White
Current Release 2022 (Battery Free Stylus Version)
First Released 2020
Measurements (Tablet/ Board)
Length 25.5 cm (10.0 inches)
Width 16 cm (6.3 inches)
Height 1.0 cm (0.4 inches)
Weight 310g
Display (Tablet/ Board)
Screen Colour Black
Screen Size 25.2 cm (10 Inches)
Screen Type Flexible shatterproof plastic LCD
Writing/ Line Colour Green
Writing Technology
Induction Method Electromagnetism
Induction Height 5~14mm
Pen Function Method Forced induction
Pressure Level 8192
Wi-Fi Not Available
Charging Micro USB to USB cable
Android Devices Bluetooth and Micro USB
iOS Devices Bluetooth and Micro USB
macOS Computers Micro USB only
Windows Computers Micro USB only
Input 5V/1A
Internal Memory (Tablet) 64 MB (usable 54 MB)
Memory Upgrade Not Upgradable
Physical Buttons (Tablet/ Board)
Total Buttons/Switches 5
Save Yes
Power Yes
Erase Yes
Reset Yes
Lock Yes
Saved File Format .PNG
Saving Capacity (Drawings) Upto 200 pages on the tablet (assuming an average of 270KB per file)
Battery (Tablet)
Battery Model 1 x CR2016 Button Cell (Included)
Removability Non-removable
Battery Capacity 1000mAh
Charging Time 3-4 Hours
Usage Per Charge 50 Hours
Total Usage 100000 Saved Pages
Supported Platforms
Operating System Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
Minimum Operating System Requirements Windows 7, macOS 10, iOS 8.0, Android 4.3 or Above
Android eDraw for Android
iOS eDraw for iOS
Windows Device Driver
macOS Device Driver
Supported Applications Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Paint, etc.
Stylus Pen
Material Plastic
Colour Only Black
Length 14.0 cm (5.5 inches)
Diameter 1 cm (0.4 inches)
Weight 5g
Induction Method Electromagnetism
Induction Height 5~14mm
Pen Function Method Forced induction
Total Buttons/Switches 2
Button 1 Thickess up (only usable in the eDraw App)
Button 2 Thickess down (only usable in the eDraw App)
Connecting to the Tablet Bluetooth
Charging Charging: Micro USB only
Input Input: 5V/1A
Compatibility Only functions with the BeaverPad or other related models
Removability Battery not removable
Battery Capacity 80mAh
Usage Per Charge 1-2 Weeks

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BeaverPad® 10" LCD Writing Pad (eWriter) & Graphics Tablet (2nd Gen)

Bluetooth, Memory, Save Function & Battery-Free Stylus

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