A beautifully crafted stylus pen for BeaverPad LCD Writing Pads and Graphics Tablets. This exclusive designed Pen comes with an elegant finish and is very comfortable to hold and write. It comes with special replaceable tips that allows users to write on the pressure sensitive flexible screen of the tablets using a multi-pressure writing technology - resulting in a very paper-like writing experience for the users.

Classy & Elegant:

Beautifully designed with elegant finish will give this pen a very classy look.


Only 5.6 Inches and 10g, very easy to hold and carry around.


Carefully designed to fit into your hand, and write with great comfort.

Paper-like Writing:

Extremely paper-like writing experience, you'll never miss paper again.

Battery Free:

No need to charge or replace batteries, because this stylus pen is battery free.

High Accuracy:

Built with an advanced sensor chip, giving this pen high drawing accuracy.

Pressure Sensitive:

Its multi-pressure writing technology will allow you to write on BeaverPad tablets just like writing on a pen with a real pen.

Included in the Package:

1 x 1 x Stylus Pen for BeaverPad Tablets

3 x Replacement tips (Installed inside the pen)

Item Stylus Pen for BeaverPad™ Tablets
Material Plastic
Colour Black
First Released 2021
Wi-Fi Not Available
Stylus Pen
Material Plastic
Colour Only Black
Length 14.2 cm (5.6 inches)
Diameter 1.3 cm (0.5 inches)
Weight 5g
Induction Method Electromagnetism
Induction Height 5~14mm
Pen Function Method Forced induction
Total Buttons/Switches 2
Button 1 Thickess up (only usable in the eDraw App)
Button 2 Thickess down (only usable in the eDraw App)
Connecting to the Tablet Bluetooth
Charging No Charging Needed (Battery Free)
Compatibility Only functions with the BeaverPad or other related models

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Stylus Pen for BeaverPad™ LCD Writing Pads & Graphics Tablets

  • Brand: BeaverPad
  • Product Code: SLP10
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • US$28.91

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