LCD Writing tablets for kids – ideal paperless solution for schools, day care and home

  • LCD Writing tablets for kids – ideal paperless solution for schools, day care and home

Since its introduction over a decade ago, LCD writing tablets (also called LCD Drawing boards interchangeably) have been gaining in popularity as an everyday item, especially for families with young children. Because of their simplicity of design, ease of use, durability and low prices, the LCD writing board has since established itself as a common household item, and a must have tool for day cares and schools. The kids love them because they are extremely fun to write on! The parents and teachers love them because LCD writing tablets don’t leave a mess behind, and they save money because LCD writing tablets are a cheaper option for writing compared to pen and paper.

Why do kids love their LCD writing tablets?

LCD ( Why do kids love writing on an LCD writing board? That’s simple! Because it’s so simple to use and it literally guarantees limitless fun. A pen will eventually run out of ink, and piece of paper or a colouring book will run out of space, but an LCD writing tablet can be reused so many times with each battery cycle. A child can draw as much as they like until they are bored of drawing and ready to move on to the next activity.

Why do parents and teachers love those LCD writing tablets?

LCD ( The parents and teachers also love the LCD writing tablets for their kids because it’s a more convenient alternative to drawing with a pen/pencil on a piece of paper or colouring book. Think of a play area in a pre-school, day care or at home where some children are drawing on paper. When they are done, the whole area could be a mess with paper lying around everywhere, and it would require a lot of time and effort each time to clean them. Now think of a situation where each child is given an LCD writing tablet instead of pen and paper. Regardless of how long they draw, there won’t be so many pieces of paper flying around, and cleaning up after their play would be a lot easier for the parents and teachers.

Highly affordable and accessible for all income groups

LCD ( One central factor as to why LCD drawing boards have gained so much popularity in such a short span of time is their highly affordable price points. Since their introduction to the market, LCD writing tablets have soon become a very inexpensive product. This has made LCD writing boards highly accessible for families with low income as well as pre-schools and day cares running on a tight budget. The traditional drawing tools such as pens, pencils, paper, dry erase markers, paper, colouring books, or white boards all come with an expiration, and they need to be repurchased and refilled on a frequent basis. But that is not the case for LCD writing tablets, because LCD writing tablets run on batteries and most LCD writing tablets can be used for many months before we need to replace their batteries. For example, a standard BeaverPad® Writing Tablet/Drawing Board can easily write between 10,000 and 30,000 pages within one battery cycle. Therefore, it is clearly a more cost-effective alternative to other traditional writing options such as pen and paper, dry eraser markers, etc.

Reduced Health Hazards

LCD ( Although the LCD writing board is an electronic device, it poses very insignificant levels of health hazards compared to other electronic items that are commonly used for writing or drawing. The reason behind this is because an LCD writing tablet uses a very small amount of power with a low-profile electromagnetic signal compared to their other digital counterparts. For example, handheld phones or tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Tabs or the IPad pose a lot of health hazards and risks. Continuous uses of the iPad or an Android Tablet can cause a wide range of physical harms from radiation as these products require a lot of power to run and operate. Secondly, handheld tablets usually use LED screens which are also hazardous for optical health when used continuously. On the other hand, LCD writing tablets don’t have screens that are front lit, a user can use an LCD writing tablet for extended periods of time without causing serious damage to their eyes or sleep habit.

Environmentally sustainable

LCD ( Apart from cost effectiveness and health benefits, LCD writing tablets are also better for the environment. First of all, it helps us save the tree by reducing our level of consumption of paper used for children’s activities. Secondly, LCD writing boards produces fewer environmental waste compared to pen and paper during the process of production and final consumption. Hence, LCD writing tablets are an easy choice for kids’ toys – it keeps the children happy for long hours while offering a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution for parents, educators and care givers


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