Terms & Conditions

Purchase Agreement

By placing an order, the customer agrees to complete the payment for the selected product. The customer must pay for the amount owed in full before the order can be completed. No products will be processed for delivery until full payment is received unless otherwise specified.


All prices at Beaverpad.ca are subject to change except for the orders that have already been accepted and paid for. BeaverPad Canada has the full authority to change the prices of our products at any point in time.


Our main currency of business is Canadian Dollar (CAD) and all prices at Beaverpad.ca are originally set in CAD. However, for the convenience of our customers, we have provided the option to display prices in different currencies. The prices displayed in other currencies are all converted from Canadian Dollar using approximate exchange rates + conversion fees. Your final payment will be received in Canadian Dollar, and if you chose to pay with a different currency, your payment amount will be converted from Canadian Dollar to your preferred currency using the exchange rate offered by the financial institute at the time of the transaction.


All sales at Beaverpad.ca are final unless otherwise specified. Customers may reach us for assistance should they experience any difficulty with a purchase, and apply for replacement, refund, or repair services where applicable.

Use of Languages

For the convenience of our customers, we are providing services on our website translated in different languages. However, the main medium of communication of our website and our business is English, and for legal and contractual matters, only the documentations presented in English should be considered valid.

Returns Policy

A customer may return a purchase under the following conditions – i) a product is defective on arrival, ii) a product or an accompanying item stops functioning within the warranty period that can be attributed to any manufacturing error, iii) you are not fully satisfied with a product or you had a change of mind.

In any case, the customer should submit the return form, contact our customer support and follow the procedure advised by the customer support agent. Once we receive your returns request, we’ll do our best to help you.

For bulk orders (quantity of 10 units or more of a product) or orders for customized products, you may only request for a return for defective items, there is no 7- day returns policy for such products without manufacturing defects.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Beaverpad Canada offers customers with various types of warranties as provided by our manufacturers.

All purchases at Beaverpad.ca, unless otherwise specified, are covered by various ranges of manufacturer's limited warranty that includes free parts replacements and repair services as applicable. The warranty periods are specified on each product page under the 'Warranty & Returns' section.

Warranty protects our customers only from manufacturing defects; no artificial damage is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

If a purchased product, or any accompanying items or accessories stop working properly within the 1-year manufacturing warranty period, please contact our customer service immediately and follow the instructions provided by our customer service agent.

All shipping costs during the repair and return are to be covered by the customer but the customer will not incur any additional or hidden charges for repair services, or replacement of parts.

Defective on Arrival

We sell our products with utmost confidence and test every product for fitness before dispatching it. However, if a customer still finds a product purchased at BeaverPad.ca to be defective upon arrival due to any manufacturing error, they may be entitled to a refund or replacement.

If you find an item to be defective upon arrival, please contact our customer support immediately to report your problems in details, complete the returns form and return the item to the address provided by our customer support agent. You must also be prepared to provide evidence if asked to support your claims about the product, such as videos, photographs, and written descriptions of the defects. Failure to provide evidence may result in delay or decline of your returns request.

Once we receive your return our technical team will examine the returned item and if our findings match with your report of defects, you will be entitled to a full refund or a replacement and compensation for any shipping costs incurred by you.

7-Day Return Policy

If you had a change of mind about a product or you are not fully satisfied, you have 7 days to return the product from the day you receive the product and ask for a refund or exchange.

To return an item, please submit a return form with details, contact our customer support and return the item to the address provided. Once we receive your returned item, we will review it and issue your refund.

For a full refund, you must return the item unused in its original packaging along with all the accessories. If an item has significantly noticeable signs of usage or damage and can no longer be listed as a ‘new’ item, your refund may be subject to a restocking fee or be declined.

Our refund policies are as follows:

Item unopened, unused – Full Refund

Item opened, unused or lightly used – Full Refund

Item opened, noticeably used – minimum 10% restocking fee

Refunds will be offered based on the base sale prices of the items plus any taxes paid at the time of the original purchase. Any shipping fees paid during the original order is not included in the refund.

The cost of return shipment has to be covered by the customer.

Aftersales Support

Our aftersales support is reserved for customers who has ordered from our website beaverpad.ca or any of our official stores at other marketplaces such as Best Buy, eBay, Amazon, etc. If you order from an unauthorized reseller, your request for any aftersales services may be declined.

Discount Coupons

Discount coupons or codes used during the payment of an order is not refunded. If you return an item that was paid partially or in full with a discount coupon or code, you will only be refunded the amount that was paid in real money using methods such as credit or debit cats, PayPal account, cash, or cheque, any amount paid with a discount coupon or code will not be refunded.

Package lost by the postal services

When you order using any of the trackable shipping options we will provide full support in recovering your package in cases of your package being lost by the postal services. However, if you choose one of our non-trackable shipping options, your package is not traceable, and BeaverPad Canada bears no responsibility for your order being damaged or lost by the courier company during delivery.

Order Cancellation

If you have placed an order by mistake or changed your mind about a product and would like to cancel your order, please contact us immediately. If your order has not already been shipped, we’ll cancel your order and offer you full refund.

Even though our maximum order processing time is 48 hours (2 business days), many orders are often processed and shipped within few hours of order placement. Therefore, it is important for you to contact us with your cancellation request as soon as you decide.

If your order has already been shipped, please contact us with your return request, complete the return form and return the package to the return address provided. Once we receive your returned product, we'll examine it and issue your refund. Refund will be offered on the basis of the price of the product plus any taxes paid at the time of purchase. Your refund may be subject to any transaction fees that we had to incur by the financial institute during the time of your original purchase.

Community Guidelines

BeaverPad Canada highly encourages customer participation throughout our community. However, we also want to do our best to keep our community interactions among all members including customers, employees, or other stakeholders to be safe, respectful and pleasant. BeaverPad Canada maintains a zero tolerance stance against any form of violence, discriminations, illegal, anti-social, or fraudulent behaviour and activities. Therefore, by using our services in any platforms including but not limited to in-person meeting, website, e-commerce shop, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, a customer agrees not to engage in any of the following activities:

1. Spamming or advertising of any sorts
2. Any sorts of personal attack directed towards any individual
3. Attack on any group(s) characterized by race, gender, ethnicity, religion, language, and such.
4. Posting something completely irrelevant to the topic of discussion
5. Disclosing personal information such as credit card details, phone number, etc.
6. Mindless bickering, trolling, and insults with no intent of engaging in a constructive discussion or debate
7. Use of offensive language and expletives
8. Spreading inaccurate or false information with the intent of propaganda
9. Use of threats or intimidation of any form
10. Engaging in any other forms of fraudulent or illegal activities

Should a customer is found to be in violation of any of the policies stated above in any platforms such as but not limited to our company websites, Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube channel, etc., BeaverPad Canada holds the right to terminate any previously made contracts with that customer, refuse further services, ban the individual from specific platform(s), and report to the appropriate authorities where applicable.


By purchasing from BeaverPad Canada, the customer agrees and certifies that the purchased product(s) is/are for final consumption. Customer also agrees not to resell any products in parts or as a whole for commercial or business purposes without authorization. Any unauthorized resale is prohibited and gives BeaverPad Canada the right to legal pursuit.


All Canadian customers agree to pay appropriate sales taxes (GST, PST, or HST) by purchasing from BeaverPad Canada. Taxes are either included in the price or displayed during checkout based on the legal address of the payer. No taxes are charged to customers ordering from abroad, but costs such as duties and customs fees are full responsibilities of the customers.

Affiliate Program

Your participation in the affiliate program is limited to legally advertise our products to receive a commission on BeaverPad Canada products purchased by individuals referred by your Tracking Links. You may not use your Tracking links or our brand for any other purposes.
Approval or Decline of the Application
We, BeaverPad Canada, reserve the right to approve or decline ANY Affiliate Program Application in our sole and absolute discretion. By submitting an application, you agree to have no legal recourse against us for the rejection of your Application.
Commissions will be paid once a month, on every 5th day of the month or the first following business day. The rate of commission will be decided upon the activation of your account. The rate of commission may be subject to change and BeaverPad Canada has the right to change the rate without an appeal. Commissions will be awarded only for completed orders, incomplete orders, or clicks without a purchase will not account for your commission.
Using the Links
You may use your customized advertisement links any way you like without violating any of our terms and conditions.
Offline Sales
You may be eligible to earn affiliate commission by selling or promoting our products offline without the affiliate links, for example, if you promote our products to a customer in your local library or at your school and direct them to our website, and if they complete a purchase through your promotion you will be entitled to an affiliate commission. However, to earn commission from offline sales, the customer must acknowledge your promotion during or after the sale and you must be able to provide evidence that the specific sale is a direct result of your promotion. To avoid any confusion, we encourage all affiliates to use the affiliate links when promoting our products. For example, if you meet a potential customer in your local library who is interested in a BeaverPad product, just send them your affiliate link via email, messenger, text or another digital platform, and ask them to complete the purchase using that link.
Affiliate Contract Termination
There is no expiration to the contract between an affiliate and BeaverPad Canada. Either party can exit the contract without needing to provide any explanation. If you as an affiliate wish to terminate the contract you can do so by informing us from sending an email from the email address that is associated with your affiliate account. Upon your request we will cancel your account and the contract will be terminated. BeaverPad Canada will have no authority or legal rights to contend the Affiliate's decision to leave. If we, BeaverPad Canada, wish to terminate the contract for any reason (such as but not limited to operational or strategic reasons), we will be able to do so by giving you a one week's notice by informing you on the email address associated with your affiliate account. All unpaid commissions will be paid to the the affiliate prior to the final cancellation of the affiliate account. However, an affiliate will have no legal rights to challenge the termination of their affiliate contract and the account. If a contract termination occurs as a result of a violation of our policies, community guidelines or any of the terms and conditions stated on this page, BeaverPad Canada will have the authority to cancel your account without any prior notice. The affiliate may ask for an explanation and BeaverPad Canada will do the best to provide one with evidence, however, the affiliate will have no legal rights to challenge or overturn the decision by us to terminate the contract. Termination of contract resulting from violation of our policies may also cause the affiliate to forefeet any unpaid commissions with no legal rights to challenge the decision.
Promoting and Representing BeaverPad Canada:
By becoming a BeaverPad Canada Affiliate, you become one of our family members, and as a representative you must uphold the same standard of ethical business practice as ourselves, such as, but not limited to, as follows:
– Maintain highest level of integrity as a BeaverPad Canada representative about our products, services, and the company.
– Avoid any false or inappropriate advertisements such as false claims, or provide misleading information about products and the company.
– Avoid advertising on places (e.g. websites, social media groups) containing or promoting illegal activities.
– Avoid any self-referrals, fraudulent transactions, or suspicious affiliate fraudulent activities.
– Uphold our community guidelines and workplace safety principles stated above by the highest of standards.