A portable, lightweight, fun device that helps kids explore their creativity and unleash their imagination. The 4.4" compact design allows you to take this device anywhere you go. And the pen stays attached to the tablet, so you'll never lose your pen.

The BeaverPad Baby Notepad 4.4" comes with its own writing pen that allows users to write on the pressure sensitive flexible screen of the tablet using a special multi-pressure writing technology - resulting in a very paper-like writing/ drawing experience for the users. The kids will never grow tired of writing/drawing again! 

Multi-functional & Versatile - The BeaverPad Baby Notepad is packed with special features despite its Highly-Affordable Price:

Compact: 4.4" screen size, very easy to carry

Paper-like WritingExtremely paper-like writing experience, you'll never miss paper again

Erase: Press the Erase button to get a fresh blank screen, now there'll be no more papers laying all around the floor.

Lock Screen: the lock screen button keeps you from accidentally erasing your work.

Save/Take Pictures: Take a photo of your drawing/painting on your phone, use our app to edit it and save for later.
Energy Efficient: Capable of hundreds of hours of continuous usage with one battery

Replaceable Battery: Replace your high energy replaceable battery when needed

Included in the Package:

1 x Tablet (BeaverPad Baby NotePad)
1 x Stylus Pen

1 x CR1220 Battery (installed inside the tablet)

Item BeaverPad Baby Notepad 4.4"
Material Plastic
Colour Pink, Blue, Red
First Released 2020
Measurements (Tablet/ Board)
Length 12 cm (4.4 inches)
Width 9 cm (3.5 inches)
Height 0.5 cm (0.24 inches)
Weight 30g
Display (Tablet/ Board)
Screen Colour Black
Screen Size 11 cm (4.4 Inches)
Screen Type Flexible shatterproof plastic LCD
Writing/ Line Colour Green
Writing Technology
Induction Method Electromagnetism
Induction Height 5~14mm
Pen Function Method Forced induction
Wi-Fi Not Available
Charging No direct charging, runs in battery
Android Devices Not Connectable
iOS Devices Not Connectable
macOS Computers Not Connectable
Windows Computers Not Connectable
Internal Memory (Tablet) N/A
Memory Upgrade Not Available
Physical Buttons (Tablet/ Board)
Total Buttons/Switches 2
Save No (Only savable by taking photos)
Power No (Always powered on)
Erase Yes
Reset Yes (Reset by removing battery)
Lock Yes
Saving Capacity (Drawings) Not Savable without taking photos
Battery (Tablet)
Battery Model 1 x CR1220 Button Cell (Included)
Removability Yes
Battery Capacity 36 mAh
Charging Time N/A
Usage Per Charge Continuous Use possible until battery runs out
Total Usage 30000 times, a user can write and erase up to approximately 30,000 times with one battery
Supported Platforms
Operating System N/A
Minimum Operating System Requirements N/A
Android eDraw for Android (For editing)
iOS eDraw for iOS (For editing)
Windows N/A
macOS N/A
Supported Applications N/A
Stylus Pen
Material Plastic
Colour Red, Pink, Blue
Length 10.5 cm (4.1 inches)
Weight 2g
Induction Method Electromagnetism
Induction Height
Pen Function Method Forced induction
Total Buttons/Switches 0
Button 1
Button 2
Connecting to the Tablet No connectivity required
Charging No power required
Input N/A
Compatibility N/A
Removability No battery required
Battery Capacity N/A
Usage Per Charge N/A

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BeaverPad™ Baby eWriter 4.4" - Baby's First Electronic Writing Pad

Compact, Quick Erase, Replaceable Battery

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